Idoma Union United Kingdom (IDUUK)

Who We are

Idoma Union United Kingdom (IDUUK) is an association of idoma sons and daughters, their spouses, and children over 18 years of age legally residing in the United Kingdom. The Aim of IDUUK is to promote Idoma culture and provide a social platform for networking to promote love, and unity amongst Idoma native and their families residing in the United Kingdom

The Idoma Union is founded to foster unity, mutual respect, and progress among the people of Idoma Kingdom in the UK Diaspora. The Union strives to promote sustainable development by empowering our people as well as promoting Idoma unique socio-cultural heritage by way of educational outreach programs that promotes and reflects who we are.

Idoma Union is registered with the UK as a Community Interest Association with Registration number 15058072

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and advance Idoma language, culture, and promote unity among Idoma natives and their family’s resident in the United Kingdom and support the less privilege in Idoma land.

Our Vision

To become a global organization representing all people who are indigenous to Idoma kingdom in the United Kingdom

Objectives: - Our objectives include:

  1. To provide a platform for discussing and exchanging developmental ideas that promote the well-being of Idoma native residents in the United Kingdom
  2. To contribute towards sustainable development of Idoma-land through collaborative work with the Idoma local governments areas, and other charities
  3. To promote the welfare of IDDUK registered members
  4. To share and disseminate beneficial information among registered members.
  5. To carry out social, educational, training, and economic activities through Conferences, Seminars, Festivals, and Workshops for the benefit of registered members and the wider cosmopolitan community in the UK.

Our Constitution

IDUUK constitution is available to financial members only. For more information on how to become a financial member please contact IDUUK Secretariate via email on